Hiking and biking on be-MINE

be-MINE is the starting point for hikes on and around the mine site. By bicycle, you will discover all the tourist highlights of the region from be-MINE.


on and around be-MINE

At be-MINE, you can leave for several hiking trails.

There are 4 marked routes ; the overview board can be found opposite the Todi terrace. The hiking map (2.50 euros) is available at the tourist reception at be-MINE.

Green walk : 3.5km

Blue walk : 4.3km

Yellow walk : 6.3km

Red walk : 6.6km

You can also combine the different routes.

Hiking apps

Through an interactive walk “Beringen : the cité” you will discover the mining history and the origins of the mining cité.

The “coal railroad app” introduces you to the stories surrounding the coal railroad. Two good-humored Italian friends, Fabrizio and Martino, take children and their parents on a trip. During the tour, you will be given plenty of fun assignments and games.

  • For these walks, you can borrow a tablet for free at the tourist reception at be-MINE.

On a scavenger hunt with Pierewiet de Kanariepiet

This playful family hike starts at the tourist reception at be-MINE. You will receive a backpack with all the necessary materials for the trip. From then on, you are at the mercy of Pierewiet the canary who takes you in tow on and around be-MINE.

On “Scavenger Hunt with Pierewiet the Kanariepiet” is a walking quest tailored to families with children. The trail is about 4km and is accessible to baby carriages and wheelchairs.

The quest is offered from the Krokus vacation until the end of the fall break. Two versions are available : one for preschoolers (4 – 5 years old) and one for 6- to 12-year-olds.

Price assignment booklet : 2 euros.

Picnicking at be-MINE

At be-MINE you will find plenty of nice places to picnic : on the lawn at the mountain of adventure, on the top of the mountain of adventure, on the benches in the event square, under the shaft buck….

Bring your own picnic. Do you wish to order a picnic? Then contact the secretariat of be-MINE : info@bemine.be / 011 26 97 23


around be-MINE

From be-MINE you can leave for different routes :

  • Around Beringen : 68km
  • Cycling through the water : 65km
  • Cycling through the trees : 62km
  • From mine shaft to natural beauty : 61km
  • Black gold and green splendor : 50km
  • From mine to army : 44km

E-step route :

  • Through greenery and along the canal : 25.5km
  • be-MINE and surroundings : 13.9km


E-bikes and E-steps

Want to rent a bike? Or would you like to go out on an E-step?

E-bikes and e-steps are available at Visit Beringen. In addition to e-bikes, children’s bikes are also rented. Book at toerisme@beringen.be

Price :

E-bike : 30 euros per day (from 16 years of age)

E-step : 10 euros per day (+ 50 euros deposit)